It is an exciting time when your teen begins to drive. You may be able to finally sleep in while they drive themselves to school or out to eat with their friends. If your teen does not have their own car, however, you may still have to drive them everywhere, so you can have your car for the day.


You can finally be free from your carpool responsibilities when your teen gets their own car. It can be expensive, however, to take on an extra car payment. Look for great value second hand cars in Harrogate to finally get the freedom that you need. Your teen can drive themselves to work or school and help you with errands. Family life can be a little easier when your teen begins to drive. They can help with many things.

  • A trip to the grocery store
  • Drive younger siblings to their activities
  • Drive themselves to school and work

Affordable Payments

Many families delay getting a car for their teen because of the cost. A used car may come with lower payments to make this more affordable. Your teen can help pay for the car with a part time job. You can also encourage your teen to save up for the down payment. You can help by paying a portion, as well. When you pay a larger down payment, the monthly payments are often smaller.

It can be challenging to purchase enough cars for the entire family, especially if you have multiple teenagers ready to drive. You may find that you have more freedom when they have their own car, however. You can often find a used car in good condition at an affordable price.