Several articles and blogs have been dedicated to the subject of the utilisation and importance of ELD or Electronic Logging Device and the advantages of its instalment in commercial vehicle engines all over the USA. The ELD mandate introduced by FMCSA aims at bringing about a level of uniformity and convenience in tracking and recording of hours of service (HOS) in commercial motor vehicles serving especially in the long distance routes. Anyone intending to make a learned decision on whether to invest in the device should do it after carefully studying the pros and cons of the device and its role in the transportation business of the future.

The ELD mandate for truckers serves a key purpose in assisting both the fleet operators and truck drivers by enabling the owner operators to track the work status, power status and live location of the vehicle while the drivers of the commercial vehicles get to record his/her hours of service efficiently and accurately without much effort or training. This functioning pattern encourages transparency between the truck owners and the drivers and minimises the chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication between the parties. Motor carriers who comply with the ELD mandate are authorized on the website of FMCSA using the FMCSA login in order to understand and consent to the terms of the policy.

An electronic logging device of excellent quality helps the fleet owners to improve the general service of a vehicle by warning against violations and any mechanical glitch in the vehicle in advance thereby cutting the last minute repair cost and reducing down times and loss of revenue. ELDs also integrally synchronize with a vehicle’s engine as soon as it moves up to a set speed threshold of five miles per hour to track its mileage, acceleration and fuel utilisation. The device also automatically records the date, time, location information, engine hours, distance covered by the vehicle, and identification information of the driver.

The ELD Mandate may be considered a boon for the commercial motor vehicle carriers because ELDs avert any violations, breaches and penalties to the driver due to lapse in documented logs. Improved consent with hours of service guidelines assures that drivers get acceptable rest in between shifts in order to serve efficiently. Allows the trucker to sign in and select off-duty, not driving and on-duty or on-duty modes effortlessly. Records and stores information for as long as six months in a regulated layout that can be addressed to law enforcement in particular formats i.e., in USB, wireless web solutions or Bluetooth.

Cutting of fuel costs by monitoring excessive vehicle idle times, boosting the safety of the vehicles and the consignment at all times of the day, convenient and accurate documentation for each and every vehicle are the added advantages of investing in the device.

The highly efficient ELD Mandate is compliant with the new rules and is regularly updated to be aware of any further rule modification or mandates by the government. Being self-certified with FMCSA ELD mandate is a company par excellence and offers clients solutions at affordable rates for carrying out their day-to-day tasks and always offers vehicle solutions well within the deadline.