Today’s Healthier Living Paves the Way for Advanced Yoga Offerings

As we head further into 2019, this year proves to be all about health. There are more news and social media posts than ever on the increased interest in healthy eating such as vegetarian and plant-based diets, as well as on the importance of meditation and exercise as a way of aiding in our mental and physical health. In 2019, we’re going to get in shape inside and out.

Yoga is a practice that has promoted mental and physical benefits for years, and it seems the public is readier than ever for it. Now a company called Glo ( is proving to be a comprehensive one-stop shop for all things yoga, helping people from students to teachers on their yoga journeys.

Yoga’s Benefits

Glo’s timing is right. The increased focus from the public is proving yoga is working, contributing significantly to over health. By increasing and maintaining flexibility through the practice, practitioners are able to have benefits such as a stronger core and increased movement to prevent injuries. Joints become looser and more fluid while muscles are strengthened to support your body’s natural movements. Even internal organs function better when the body is correctly positioned and aligned.

Glo’s Online Yoga Presence is a Source for All

Yoga is an exercise that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s offered in classes ranging from beginners to advanced. Some people prefer public classes and gyms now provide them as a standard part of memberships. It also has resulted in an increased focus on online classes so users can benefit from the practice in their own homes. All a student needs is a mat and a willingness to try. This is where online companies have excelled. YouTube, apps, and websites are focusing on classes that suit any level of yoga practice to make it one of the most accessible exercises. Glo is picking up on this trend, offering a range of online yoga classes from beginning to advanced. But it doesn’t stop there…

A Resource for Teachers

With the increased focus from the public, there are now more teachers. These teachers continue to maintain their knowledge, refining their poses and mixing up routines to keep bodies moving and functioning to their utmost capacity. Yoga is a practice that is continuously changing in order to exercise and stretch as many muscles in the body as possible. This means continued learning is important. Glo has built its site to service these teachers as well, providing advanced online yoga courses and specific exercises so they can effectively reach specific parts of the body and increase their portfolio.

Not a Walk in the Park

With clientele ranging from beginners to teachers, Glo is designed to reach them all. And yoga’s underlying goal of pushing the body means you are going to get a workout here for sure. Be ready for almost military style curriculum that will have any yoga practitioner sweating and feeling the burn. This makes it an effective one-stop location for most anyone looking to learn more about yoga.