Proper car maintenance is essential if you want your vehicle to last you a long time, and to minimise problems and repair work in your car. However, if you have recently bought a new car, the first and most important step that you need to take is to create a maintenance and servicing schedule. The amount of dust that accumulates within the engine bay usually depends on the road conditions. If you drive on dusty roads regularly and over long distances, you will need a service frequently. If your car is parked at home most of the time and you use it sparingly, there’s no need to get it serviced.

Ideally, you should take your car for a service at least once every 3-4 months. If you do not get the car serviced, the dust that accumulates on the pipes might find a way inside the sealed pipes and components, and could damage the numerous systems in your car. Here is a brief guide for servicing a car in Leicester.


Find a Decent Service Station

First, you need to find a decent service station to service your car. The quality of service you get primarily depends on the technicians working at the station. Most service stations usually provide customers numerous packages from which to choose. The cheapest package simply involves cleaning the vehicle inside and out. It’s essentially a basic car wash that you can do yourself as well.

However, this is a bare-bones service, and it’s usually recommended that you go for the thorough cleaning package. If you choose the most expensive package, the technician will clean your car, apply a polish, and make the paint shine like new. For people that park their car outside more frequently, getting it polished from time to time is very important to preserve the paint job.

Supervise the Work

Most people drop off their car for a service, and then leave the station. If you are not there to supervise how the car is being cleaned, you won’t really know if the technician did a proper job. You have to be present to check their work. Usually, the servicing work begins with a thorough car wash. The vehicle is parked on a platform that elevates it for cleaning the underside of the vehicle.

Once the engine bay is cleaned with water, you should ask the company to use a compressed air pump to dry the area before closing the bonnet. It will prevent rust from building up within the engine bay and make sure that the car is properly dried before you leave the station.