How to Fight Back Cargo Theft

If you are a business entrepreneur who needs to work with huge amount of cargo on regular basis, we don’t need to remind you, how important is it to keep them safe from the vandals and from cargo thieves.

If your cargo items get stolen, it not only devastates you financially, but also affects your business reputation badly. As in most cases the cargo that is loaded at the cargo bed of your pickup truck or extended cab crew are owned by others, keeping them safe from any probability of theft must be of a serious concern for any entrepreneur like you. So how do you do that?

Is there any golden rule to minimize or rule out the chances of cargo theft? And in case, an event of theft has taken place, is there a way to fight against it and get it back? The experts serving at the different service centers of the Saint Maries Chevrolet dealerships say, yes, there are. And here are those ways you can fight back cargo theft confidently.

Protecting your Pickup Trucks from Break-Ins

The first step you need to take towards fighting against any probabilities of break-ins, is always keeping an alert mind that never forgets to put things under locks. Investing in some latest combination locks that are unbreakable by the burglars and cargo thieves will be the first line of defense against car theft. But again, that is not the only one that can create a full-proof barrier against cargo theft. So you need to check out the other steps mentioned here.

Installation of a Car Alarm

Though nowadays, most vehicles come with proximity and touch sensor that automatically raises an alarm, if the vehicle surface face any unauthentic touch. In case the pickup truck you are using doesn’t come with this feature, it is always recommendable to invest in a car alarm as a second line of defense against cargo theft.

Tying Down your Cargo Well

This is an age old process before the latest technologies to prevent a cargo theft evolved. Tying down your cargo well is a laborious process, and so it is for the burglar to untie it, unless he gets enough time at his disposal to undergo the entire process.

Use Window Screens

Installing window screens will not allow the thieves to see through which materials are there within your cargo. It will also deter the thieves from breaking the windows of the truck and try to access the vehicle.

These were protection against Break-Ins, but there can be burglars who can try to drive the entire truck along with your cargo. To prevent such things from happening you can use the following devices, to keep things in check.

1) Tire Lock: it will lock the tires and won’t allow the vehicle to even get started.

2) Kill Switch: The kill switch is made to disrupt the flow of electricity of the vehicle to the fuel pump or any other systems making it impossible for any unauthorized person to start the vehicle without flicking up the switch.

3) GPS Tracking System: in case everything fails, and the burglars proved themselves to be smarter than you are, a GPS Tracking system installed in your pickup truck will help you and the police to track it down and recover the theft.

If you want to know more about such tips, you can get in touch with the experts at Chevrolet dealerships serving Saint Maries and take their advice.