Just like most of the world, Estonia and Tallinn own a lot of car rental companies offering their services. Around 3.5 million people spent at least a night as tourists in this country last year. That’s a lot for a relatively small country like Estonia.

If you’re about to visit this beautiful Baltic country and you’re looking for a rent-a-car agency you need to take in consideration some issues before you rent a car. In addition, we’ll tell you about some of the most important things you have to think about and ask for before making the deal. Read on learn more!


Most of the companies form their prices based on three things: type of vehicle, season, and time of renting. However, you’ll see that some companies still charge more for the same car, season and time. This is most often because of the reputation they have.

Worldwide famous rent-a-car companies will always ask for a higher amount because people see them as more reliable and safe. It’s like going to a restaurant in a distant third world country, you simply can’t trust anyone more than McDonald’s because you know their products are the same no matter where you go.

It’s the same here. The brand raises the price. That’s why you should look for more different agencies and find the best option for you. Local companies are usually more affordable and have way better prices than globally famous ones.

Gas issues

Professional rentals that offer to tank instead of you will always double charge for the gas. You don’t have to pay them for this. Look for the one that will give you an option to fill your tank by yourself. Those that go by this rule usually ask to return the vehicle as you received it. Full tank means to get it back with the exact full tank. Empty means get it back empty.

Especially if you plan to travel high distances, it’s far smarter to take care of the gas by yourself. At the end of your adventure, you might see that the gas cost you more than you paid for the car itself. Here’s an example of a local company that offers the best gas policy – https://aaarent.ee/

Mileage concerns

Make sure the rental company has no mileage restrictions, or, if there is, make sure it’s reasonable. For example, if you plan to make a tour around Estonia, you can’t hire a company that will limit you to 100 miles per day. You might not cross this number, but why have a feeling of fear to be charge more for something that’s completely not logical?

Look for a company who has no limits. This way you’ll feel relaxed and free to do anything you like. If you and your friends decide to go to Finland for a day, you won’t feel stressed out because of the distance.


Insurance is very important in this business. Cars get damaged daily and accident also happens very often. That’s why renting companies usually ask for a sum from $500 and above as a guarantee that you’ll return the car undamaged.

Look for an offer that is reasonable and see if there’s a way to pay an extra fee and get this amount to the minimum. No one wants anything to happen but if it does, you’re the one that needs the most protection in the situation. You’re in a foreign country and there’s no one else to help you. Unlike the people working for the renting firm.

Border crossing

Most rent a car firms need to give you an extra allowance to be able to cross the border of Estonia. This is usually not being charged, but you need permission before you do it. When you rent, ask for the people working there if they can handle this right away so you don’t have to think about it later.

Estonia is a part of the European Union and there are no borders between them if you travel to Finland, Sweden, or Latvia. It would be a real shame if you want to go there but the GPS of the car shows you’ve gone too far and they charge you for it because you didn’t ask for permission in time.

However, you need to know that traveling to the Russian Federation requires a passport and there’s a border crossing toll. In case you want to visit Sankt Petersburg which is very close, you need to know this. See the map of the EU on this link.

Size of the vehicle

Americans going to Europe are always amazed by the different standards of accommodation. Cars are no different regarding this. The American people are used to big sized trucks and vehicles that are enormous while European people are satisfied with much smaller dimensions.

If you’re American or you’re used to big-sized trucks, understand that a small city vehicle might not be as comfortable as you’d like it to be. The best piece of advice you can get here is to ask for a bigger car so you can feel comfortable. Yes, it will cost you more but there’s no point feeling like you’re trapped in a small jail on wheels.

Additional drivers

Additional drivers part of the agreement is also very important. If you travel long distances you must have a rest from time to time. Having a driving partner that will switch the driving seat with you can be very handy in many situations.

Usually, rent-a-car companies don’t give you the option if you don’t ask for it. Some of them even charge a lot for this option. If it is the case and you plan to drive around the country or the continent make sure you find a firm that will give you better options and a good deal for this.


The final conclusion would be – look into all these issues and make a good comparison between the companies. When you find a match that gives you a good price and offers most of these additional features for free, then you’ve got yourself a winner.