If you have arrived here, it is because you want to rent a car and you do not have anything clear. In this post we will explain everything you need to rent a car at the best price and without surprises. Let’s go there! Browse this site to find best car rentals

Find out all the charges

To avoid surprises when paying the bill, find out all the charges before renting a car. These are some of the most common exotic car rental charges and expenses.


The car rental company will add to the car rental rate the applicable state, city or county taxes, and your own sales taxes. You may also see other charges or expenses, for example a “vehicle license charge” or an “energy recovery charge”

Charges for early or delayed refund

Arriving early is not always good. If you return the vehicle more than 24 hours before the scheduled date for the end of your rental period, some rental companies may charge you a fee. If you have to return the car earlier than planned, call the company and speak with an agent.

Is it getting late? Several car rental companies grant brief grace periods that allow you to return the vehicle without having to pay an extra charge if it takes less than 30 minutes. But you may have to pay full day charges for optional extras, such as the navigation system or damage coverage options. If it is taking more than half an hour to return the car, call the company to find out if it is more convenient for your pocket to pay late fees or extend the rental period.

Extra charges for rent at an airport

Rental rates can increase considerably if you rent a car at the airport. You can also apply these extra charges even if the car rental company offers you a collective transportation to your location outside the airport.

Fuel charges

Most companies require that the car be returned with a full fuel tank. Otherwise, you will be charged the company’s gas price, which is usually more expensive than filling the tank on your own at a local service station. Companies can give you the option to buy a full tank of gas in advance when you remove the car so you do not have to pay an additional fuel charge when you return it. Usually, they will not reimburse you for any fuel you have not used.

Charges for mileage

Currently, most companies offer unlimited mileage or mileage. But limits may apply for the number of daily miles according to the type of vehicle you rent (for example, for some passenger vans or high-performance vehicles). It is useful to know the approximate number of miles you plan to drive in order to select the company that offers you the most favorable mileage terms.