In Part III of our “Important Information in Your Car Owner’s Manual,” we continue to cover important information in car owners’ manuals. Again, Speed Car Removal recommends that all car owners read their owners’ manuals from cover to cover as they provide vital information on cars.

What’s This For?

Looking at the dash of your car, or maybe open the glove box to see an unfamiliar button or knob? Today’s cars are filled with lever controls, switches, and knobs that can be foreign to many car owners. Your owner’s manual will have all those nifty gadgets listed. You know, those gadgets that enticed you to buy the car!

Warning Lights

Warning lights should never be ignored in a car. Your lights can light up for some problems. You may be low on oil or even windshield wiper fluid, or maybe something more troublesome. Some warning lights are self-explanatory, while others are a mystery. If you find yourself steering at your dash, trying to figure out what the warning light means, then pull out your owner’s manual for your car. It will have all the information listed.


If you purchased the car new, or with a warranty, then you certainly should know what it covers. Ah Hah! The car owner’s manual will have a warranty section covering just what the warranty covers. For instance, you may be having troubles with your ignition. Get out your owner’s manual to see if it is covered under warranty for the car. Also, be sure that you know the schedule intervals for your car to be serviced.

There are so many things that your owner’s manual covers. It is a source to get to know your car and the care that the car requires. Do yourself a favour. Read your owner’s manual from cover to cover to familiarise yourself with your car.

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