Safety is priceless and just because you have never had a motorcycle accident doesn’t mean you can’t. forget the riders you see cruising in an all-black outfit or a pair of shorts up and down the roads, all that thrill comes with big risks. Safety gear should be all-time wear from your first day of riding. In fact, your body armor is the first item you budget for before owning a motorcycle. You can purchase your safety gear from your local motorcycle trader at fair prices.

Below is the ultimate body-armor every biker should wear:


In some states, riding without a helmet is against the traffic rules. If this isn’t the case in your, please know that it prevents terminal head injuries in the event of an accident so keep it on always.

Helmets come in a range of styles from the open face, half shell, full face, and dual sport. The most convenient of all is the full-face helmet which offers ultimate protection. Even so, the material of the helmet and fitting are paramount factors. For a first-timer, seeking help from an expert can help determine the perfect one for you.

Riding suit

With the option of buying your jacket and pants separately, as I did – going for a one-piece suit is also an option – you can find both styles and fit in both. Depending on your body size, you can have these in standard sizes or specifically tailored for you at a sportswear producing shop. Either way, the more these pieces snugly fit your body, the more comfort you get when riding.

Your suit should contain impact absorbers at the elbows, chest, shoulders, back, and knees. Consider an all-weather friendly suit with proper cooling and ventilation channels. You wouldn’t want to be drowning in sweat before even getting to a restaurant for lunch, right?


Logically, your palms will first touch the ground when falling as you try to break the fall. High-quality riding gloves that are abrasion-resistant are an essential item in your gear. When making a purchase, try them on first to ensure they completely cover the back of your hands, palms, fingers and reach a little higher on the wrists to prevent them from slipping off.

Motorcycle boots

High-quality riding boots should have a metal plate to keep them from twisting, heel and toe boxes, and extra padding over your ankles and shins. Those with laces above the ankles are pretty convenient as they hardly fly off in a crash.

While shopping, ensure your pick will offer a firm grip on the bike’s footpegs.