When the car gets to be 10 years plus, it typically requires a bit more attention. Paul Car Removal offers Sydney car owners with the following information to help keep their older car healthy.

Oil and oil filter changes. It is essential to keep the oil changed regularly on any car; and, when the car gets older, it is more important that you regularly change its oil and filters. The oil is responsible for lubricating all the working parts under the hood, and the older it gets, the more important lubrication is to the engine.

Change out differential oil and transmission fluid. As a rule of thumb, read your owner’s manual to find out how frequently you should change your differential oil and transmission fluid.

Coolant – The coolant is essential to keep the air temperature in the car comfortable. As the car gets older, you will need to flush out the cooling system and replace the coolant. Read your owner’s manual for all tips and schedules.

Wheel Bearings – The wheel bearings are an essential part of the car as they help to reduce friction and are responsible for the wheels spinning freely. It is always suggested to have your wheels inspected when the car is serviced. Bearings may need to be flushed and repacked. Be sure to read all the manufacturers suggestions in your owner’s manual in regards to the bearings.

Brake Fluid – The brake fluid of the car will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Wax and Wash – The older the car, the more protection it requires. Wash and wax the car regularly which will help to preserve its paint.

Keep the Car Parked Out of the Sun – The car is old and fading and cracking will occur much easier than in its early days. Keeping the car out of the sun’s UV rays is essential.

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