There is quite a big difference when it comes to transporting a car interstate, and when you are importing it from a foreign country like the US. We will cover both situations in this article, and indicate the things that you should look out for before you decide to transport your car.

Interstate transport

Moving your car within the country is called interstate transport, and it can be done without any real complications. All you have to do is find a transportation company, and clear out some simple paperwork with them before you give them the car and let them handle the rest.

However, even if interstate shipping is quite simple, you might not always want to do it. For example, car transport from Brisbane to Perth from Dazmac Logistics or other professional companies that deal with transportation of vehicle, the transport will take up 15 days.

While it is a much better option than driving the car yourself, or purchasing a new car at your new location if you are going to be there for a longer time, it is definitely not the best choice if you are traveling there for less than a month. If you are traveling for a shorter period of time, renting a vehicle there might be a much better idea.

International transport

If you are wondering from where to import muscle car to Australia according to Dazmac Logistics and other professional transport companies, the answer is the US, as it is the country that offers the most when it comes to variety and quality of muscle car vehicles. Besides that, newer vehicles are also ideal for importing standards, not only to Australia, but pretty much all over the world.

Of course, if you are importing the car that you already own, the process is not as simple as buying the car and importing it via a transportation company. Instead, you will have to prove that the car is in your ownership, which can be done by the certificate of ownership that is registered to that car. Previously, it was available only in paper form, but today, you can also have it in an electronic form as well.

Another thing that your car has to get certified for, is a special safety protocol, and it also has to pass the Australian standards. Things that are in the list of standards are things such as original parts only, no modifications, a certain age of the car, and so on.

If you happen to be a returning citizen to Australia, when you already had that car in Australia, this process is a lot smoother, and all you will have to do is simply wait for the car to arrive via the cargo ship in a container, which usually happens after the long paperwork you would have to do otherwise.

Final Word

Doing research on import and export is quite important, because it would be quite a shame if your car is returned to the starting address as it arrives to the new location because it didn’t pass a certain test, or if it failed to meet Australian standards because you were not informed. Hiring a transporting company is always a great idea, as they will help the whole process go smoothly, in order to maintain their reputation.