When the time comes to say goodbye to your car and replace it with something a little nicer, there are steps you should take to present the vehicle in its best possible light, and make it an attractive an offer as you can. No doubt you have looked after the car, and with all the relevant bills and service information at hand, any potential buyer can verify that the car has been well-maintained.

Part Exchange

Assuming you next car will be second-hand, you should buy from a reputable dealer, and with great value used cars in Harrogate a few minutes’ drive away, you can offer your car in part exchange. The dealer will probably offer you more than a private buyer, as he wants to sell you one of his vehicles, and the part exchange deal is deliberately made more attractive as a buying incentive.

Selling Privately

If you are going to put your car on the open market, have it detailed first and make sure you use images taken right after the valet, as this will present the car in its best light. Any potential buyer will want to haggle over the price, and expect that minor issues will be discovered, which is part and parcel of buying used cars.

Things to Do

Prior to putting the car up for a private sale, you should:

  • Have the car waxed and polished
  • Have the interior detailed
  • Prepare all servicing and repair documentation for inspection

Selling your car in part exchange is the best solution, and let the dealer worry about reselling it, and part exchange means you can forget the car detailing, which will save you a little.