When you think about the recent innovations observed in the latest cars, Mazda is a name that deserves a prominent place in this entire evolution in the automotive industry. To enhance the driving experience of the consumers, Mazda has introduced a host of innovative technologies, whether it is about ensuring safety, making the rides safer, assisting the driver to deal with road and several driving challenges or staying connected to the relevant people when you are on move. For the last couple of years, Mazda has improvised a handful of useful technologies in its lineup that undoubtedly increased the value of Mazda cars to a significant level in the market of automotive industry.

At Las Vegas Mazda, we were told, that it is all about the drive, that Mazda is concerned about, but at the same time, they realize the factors that can create a hindrance in the way to a liberated driving experience. It is also about how the act of driving makes you feel. Mazda knows what it means driving a car which is not just a matter of operating a vehicle for the sake of transport, but much more to it. It’s about the touch and feel of moving ahead, that has a lot of effect on the mind at a deeper level.

And that is where technology comes into iron out these issues. So let’s see the latest innovations applied in the latest Mazda cars that elevates the driving experience.

Mazda SkyActiv Technology

To make your car respond with precision to the constantly administered driving inputs, where the system needs to be intuitive enough to read the inputs with diligence and act on it instantaneously, Mazda has instilled in its vehicles a sense of harmony to make the drivers feel confident especially when they need to make a split second decision at a crucial juncture with the technology called SKYACTIV.  It is made to strengthen the relationship of the driver and the car, making it a pet who listens to its master.

SkyActiv-Vehicle Dynamics

Mazda’s dynamic technology, which they call as the SkyActiv-Vehicle Dynamics is based on the G-Vectoring Control, that helps the Mazda vehicle to achieve a smoother and energetic drive for the one who sits behind the wheel and the ones who enjoy the ride as passengers. It’s a vehicle movement control system that is highly efficient that operates in the background during the events of taking turns, cornering, and acceleration by adjusting the power delivery and shifting the vehicle weight.


To make each of its vehicles as responsive as it can get, Mazda has introduced the i-Activsense technology which stands as the moniker for the series of advanced safety technologies installed in the Mazda cars. Taking an active approach towards safety, the technology of i-Activsense is based on milli-wave radars and a set of high-end cameras to stay tuned with the constantly changing surroundings helping the driver stay focused on the road.

Mazda Connect

The Mazda Connect app integrates the vehicle to the smartphones through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As rightly said by the Henderson Mazda experts, with all these innovative technologies at place the latest Mazda cars have become irresistible for the driving enthusiasts across the globe.