Buying car tyres come with many aspects that we should keep in mind. Many of us want to spend as less money to buy a new pair of tyres as we can, and most of us usually try to buy the used tyres for the sake of saving money. There is no doubt that the new tyres cost more than the used ones with minimum tread, but in this procedure, we neglect the safety risks that come with these tyres.

Rubber is a material that has the tendency of aging with the passage of time and car tyres are made up of rubber. It is not an issue for tyres that they are used, untouched or barely used, the rubbery material of these tyres will age with time. However, the duration or lifetime of a tyre depends upon its usage but a used tyre comes with some safety risks.

To understand the concept of changing the tyres or getting used tyres ones should know about some important facts which follow.

The time limit of changing the tyre.

Most tyre manufacturing companies suggest that one’s should replace a set of tyres under the time period of 5 to 8 years. But this time frame is not the standard one. The replacement of tyre usually depends upon it direct exposure to humidity, heat, friction with road and many of these factors which can play part in damaging the rubber of tyres. So buying used tyre is not a good option because you don’t know that from what condition these tyres have been through, and you are risking your road safety.

No history about used tyres

As mentioned above that used tyres comes with a no check background. It is very easy to find some used tyres which perfectly right size of your car, but it doesn’t tell you whether these tyres are been through high speeding or overloading. Mostly in countries like Dubai where over speeding and overloading is common. Hankook Dubai has the best tyres for the speed limits and hot conditions of Dubai. With Hankook Dubai, you guys have a warranty and assured about the quality of tyres.

They can’t be recalled

When you buy a new tyre it is very easy to recall it if you find any flaw in them, but in used tyres, there is no surety of returning them. The seller can put that defect on the buyer because there is no warranty of these used tyres.

Can fail you in time of need

There is no surety comes with the used tyres Since you guys don’t have any clue about the history of this used tyre so you can never be sure about the performance abilities of these tyres. There are many cases in our neighborhood that used tyres usually end up failing you in the time of rush.

Buying new tyres no doubt is a worthwhile practice just because they come with the warranty, a good chances of road safety and u know that they have been through nothing.