Whether a 4wheeler or not; the mud can be enticing. And, when you find that you are stuck in the mud pulling the truck from the mud can be difficult. Cash For Your Cars offers the following tips on getting your truck unstuck from the mud.2012 6 27 21 43

Rock It Out

Firstly, put the truck into reverse, and with your wheels straight, begin to accelerate to try to get it out of the mud. If you have a four-wheel drive truck, lock in the four-wheel drive. If you find that you put the truck into reverse and it bogs downshifts to a lower gear and power forward as much as possible. This is called the rocking technique as you’ll find that your truck rocks back and forth. If the tyres start to spin, then you will need to turn the tyres side to side so that the treads have a chance to grip the surface. Gradually increase the acceleration, powering the truck with more and more gas but only if you are moving forward. Continue with the back and forth process if you are making progress. If possible, have any passengers get out of the truck to reduce weight.

Add Traction

Placing a dry, solid object like flat cardboard under the tyres’ edges in the direction that you’ll be moving can help the tyres gain ground and pull it out. Doormats, tree limbs, and rocks can also be used. Reducing the amount of the tyre air pressure can also help to gain ground.

Winch It Out

Having a winch on your truck is suggested if you drive in the mud often. If the truck has a winch loop the winch cable around something sturdy such as a tree and use the power winch to pull the truck out. As a safety precaution place a heavy blanket, coat, or tow strap over the centre point of the steel winch cables in case the cable snaps.

Pull It Out

If there is another truck that can offer a hand, then have the owner pull the truck out. Use a tow strap or webbed recovery strap and attach it to the tow hitches of both trucks, or the frame mounted tow hooks or frame itself. The unstuck truck should start slowly to pull most of the slack from the strap and then apply a bit more speed to pull the truck out of the mud.
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