Singing in the rain is fun, we cannot really say the same about driving. Driving in the rain can be a difficult, whether it is sprinkle or heavy down pour. This is evident since rainy condition are directly related to number of accidents happening in this situations. With all the risks involved we cannot avoid to drive in the rain totally. Regardless how keen we are with the weather pattern of the day, there are those times when a heavy downpour will come unexpected while one is on the highway. Here are some of the things to consider while driving in the rain.

Ensure all the lights are working

Before encountering rainy weather ensure all car equipment’s are working, and are in good condition. Check your tail lights, headlights and windshield wipers. They play an important role ensuring you drive safe and smooth. Check the tire threads, on wet surfaces friction tend to reduce. To avoid sliding on the wet surface the threads should be as a good as new. Check out some second hand cars for sale in good condition.

Do not speed

In this kind of weather one should not speed, always drive at a slower speed compared to other dry times. When it is raining vehicle’s reaction time is usually slower. Even if you are a speed freak on this weather it would not be ideal to show off your skills.

Turn on your lights

Most States require drivers to turn on their lights when driving in the rain even during the day. This increase visibility your and other road users. Other users can be able to see your car clearly and can able to make the right judgement in terms of speed and distance to keep. Make sure everything is working properly if you decide to rent a car.

Keep distance

In wet roads keep a greater distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Stopping is usually more difficult due to reduced friction. This give you a distance allowance to stop case there is unexpected stop by the car in front. This distance gives you time to stop slowly and avoiding heavy braking.

Avoid standing water

Driving on standing water can make your car to hydroplane, this is to skid on the surface of the road. Drive around this points, in case they are unavoidable drive at low speed. If your car hydroplanes, take your foot slowly off the accelerator and steer in the direction your car want to take. You should avoid making sudden turns or hitting on your brakes.

Reduce foggy from inside

The foggy that limit your vision is usually caused by high humidity levels when it is raining. Check out car for ventilations systems that you need to switch on to reduce the effect. If the situation becomes worse and impairs your vision it is necessary to pull over. If you follow this steps it is simple to stay safe while driving in rainy conditions.