After dedicating your time and money to watch your favorite game, there’s nothing more disappointing and unfair than having to deal with a blackout, as is the case with NFL games. The situation grows worse if your favorite teams are playing. As a fan, you cannot gloss over the desire to watch your favorite game and teams play, so you have to find ways to deal with the blackouts, and this article is your best resource. This article addresses two methods you could use to bypass NFL content blackouts and their pros and cons.

International Game Pass

To watch the NFL games online officially, you need access to a game pass. However, the domestic game pass that allows for streaming within the US is the most restricted. For starters, the domestic game pass doesn’t provide streaming access to games during the regular season. Furthermore, there are restrictions based on whether the games are broadcast on national or local TV networks among other NFL game pass restrictions.

The best way to solve the problem is to settle for an international game pass. However, traveling to a different country just to acquire a game pass, which loses its functionality as soon as you leave the country is ridiculous. The best solution to the problem is to use ExpressVPN to stream NFL International game pass, which allows you to choose a different server location making it seem as though you are streaming from the selected country. Regardless, there are merits and demerits to every location you choose, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best locations for your review.

LocationFeaturesRate (USD)

(expires on 31 Jul, 2019)

USA (Domestic Game Pass)●       Access Live Pre-season Games

●       Access NFL Films Archive

●       Access replays for every game

$99.00●         Extremely restrictive and although it is the cheapest option, it also has the worst value for money.

●         Blackouts present.

Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia●      Access On-demand or live NFL games

●       24/7 Access Live NFL network

●      Access NFL RedZone

●      Access NFL films archive

$124.99●       Cheapest of the non-restrictive options but has very unstable connectivity and poor stream speed.

●         No blackouts.

Australia, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa●      Access On-demand or live NFL games

●      24/7 Access Live NFL network

●      Access NFL Red Zone

●      Access NFL films archive

$199.99●         Best value for money, reliable connection and great stream speed.

●         No blackouts.

Hong Kong and Japan●      Access On-demand or live NFL games

●      24/7 Access Live NFL network

●      Access NFL Red Zone

●      Access NFL films archive

$239.99●         Pricey but extremely reliable connection and fast stream speed.

●         No blackouts

How to acquire an international game pass:

  1. Select a VPN server location from those listed above. Remember to assess the cost and the connection speed, stability, and reliability as well as overall value for money.
  2. After selecting the VPN server location, buy your international game pass here.
  3. Connect to the same server location each time you want to watch a match using the game pass.

Advantages of using the Game Pass

  • Provides official streaming access, which makes it authentic, reliable and secure.

Disadvantages of using the Game Pass

  • Subject to policy changes, which might bring about blackouts of international game passes as well. 

Free streaming services

Instead of relying on costly official channels to stream the NFL games, you can watch them on free streaming services. Nevertheless, to access most free streaming services, you will need access to a VPN, both for security and to bypass geo-restrictions.

Advantages of using free streaming services

  • Plenty of options to choose from, which provides better value regarding a quality viewing experience.

Disadvantages of using free streaming services

  • Lack of authenticity, which means they are unreliable and unsecured.
  • The viewing experience might turn out lackluster if the wrong streaming service is selected.

The Bottomline

The most important factor regardless of the selected method is a VPN. A VPN provides you with the capability to bypass geo-restrictions but more importantly, it ensures much-needed security and privacy. Your choice of VPN is therefore very crucial.