It is every man’s dream to stumble across an old E-Type Jaguar in a disused barn and transform it into its former glory, and for a lucky few, classic car restoration is a reality. The task of restoring a classic car is indeed an ambitious one, which is why it is so appealing, and if you are about to purchase an old British classic with a view to restoration, here are a few tips.

  • Source a Specialist Garage – Fortunately, there is affordable car restoration in Gravesend, and with an expert in your corner, it is really a question of budget and timelines. In most cases, projects are completed over a few years, as classic car restoration is never cheap, and the restoration garage would be happy to work to your schedule.
  • The Strip Down – This is the first stage of the restoration project, and as components are removed, they are checked to see if they can be reused, and if they can, are cleaned up and made ready for the rebuild. If you are planning a total restoration, it is likely that will include respraying, and the bodywork can be filled and prepared.
  • Sourcing Parts – This is usually the toughest part of all, depending on the make and model of the car in question, and the Internet can certainly help to source suppliers. It can be a little frustrating trying to locate a wingmirror for an obsolete car, and patience is required, which could involve visiting a few scrap yards and old engineering shops.

The restoration experts can help you to cost the project, and once you know the required budget, you can begin to plan each stage of the project.