Cars are nowadays a necessity or a comfort item in households. From economic, compact versions to luxury variants we see all kinds of cars racing on the busy roads. There are people like us who want to be different from the rest, who want their cars to be more than just another car lost in the city traffic.

For people who are passionate about their vehicles and want only the best, Speed Freaks is the place for you. Reputed as being one of the best car customization service centers in Chennai, we offer only the highest quality of equipment for your cars along with the best of our services for a competitive price in the market.

Speed Freaks is a one-stop service center for your car. From upgrading the audio system to redesigning your upholstery, enhancing the performance of the car and boosting its outward appearance, we do it all according to the customer’s ideas for an ideal car of their dreams.

Our team of experienced technicians and creative engineers are constantly working to find new ways to improve the efficiency of a car in both performance and looks. We have received many awards for our constant commitment to quality in the field of audio system installations. We realize and understand the importance of having a great sound system with strategically placed speakers to enhance the quality and beauty of music for music lovers.

At the same time, we know the importance of not disturbing the company warranty that comes from the dealer. Getting a car customized by non-professionals could affect the warranty making it void. That would cause trouble to the owner in the long run. Our professionally qualified technicians know how to add new features to the car without causing damage to the warranty of the genuine parts added by the dealers.

Speed Freaks has the widest range of the finest brands of car seat covers. Our customers can pick their own combinations of colors, materials, stitches, threads, and logos. We will bring it together in a presentable appearance that will enhance the beauty of the car. If the customer wishes for a material we do not stock, we will import it for them. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

The outward appearance of a car is as important as the interior features. Car wraps are a good way to customize and style a car to suit the personality of the owner. The wrap can be added to the sides, bonnet, rear, anywhere the owner chooses. We stock a huge collection of wraps suited for all kinds of cars and their owners. The prices depend on the area of the car that needs to be covered and the quality of wrap used.

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