When one is asking which is better, an electric vehicle or a vehicle with an IC engine then the answer is the former – an EV!

Sure, if one is an automobile enthusiast then they would readily disagree with the above answer and to be frank, they wouldn’t be wrong! An EV no matter how advanced will never be able to impress a person who loves performance, speed and the thrill of driving a car with an IC engine.

However, if one is willing to stop and think about planet Earth and its environment for a while then they would readily choose an EV. With that stated, here are a few reasons why electric vehicles are way better than manual or vehicles with IC engines –

They are cheap to maintain

EVs have few moving parts meaning very few things would wear out and break. Since the owner of the EV would be making fewer trips to the mechanic shop, even though EVs cost more while buying, at the end of the day, they make it up to the owner by keeping operational as well as maintenance costs low!

All one would need to look out for in their EV is the overall condition of the regenerative braking system and the health of the battery pack. That’s it! With that stated, one should always purchase EV charging cables UK from authorised dealerships or OEMs. It is the only way to ensure that the EV would perform well and last long as well!

They come with long-range batteries now!

Back in the day, people seldom thought of buying an EV since they would find themselves looking at ‘range anxiety’. Yes, you read that right. Range anxiety is simply the feeling of restlessness an EV owner feels when they are driving their electric car because they can’t seem to trust the fact that their EV won’t run out of juice, midway!

This mentality had its weight back in the day but not anymore.

EVs these days come with long-range batteries and a sleuth of technologies such as regenerative braking – a mechanism that converts the potential energy of the EV into kinetic energy and stores the same in the battery pack of the vehicle.

An electric vehicle has no emissions as they run from point A to B!

Electric cars do not emit any form of exhaust fumes as they run from one point to the other. This means by using an EV, the owner is doing their bit to keep the environment and planet Earth, habitable for humankind, just for a little while longer!

Vehicles with IC engines will always remain, they are not going anywhere but at the same time, EVs are also gaining a lot of traction among the masses. The reason is evident – it is high time people came together and limited their carbon footprint. The best way to do that is to limit the usage of cars with IC engines and rely mostly on EVs.