Anyone who has seen an action movie like the Transporter, the Bourne series, or the Fast and Furious franchise has certainly seen a stunt car driver. Some may even have wondered how exactly one would go about being a stunt car driver. It most definitely seems like a good job; fun job, good play, and your work ends up in movies viewed by millions of people. As with anything, it takes practice and dedication, but there are some concrete steps to take, so let us take a look at them. The steps to becoming a female driver are no different than becoming a male driver. Although there may some prejudice, it can also work in one’s favour as there are fewer female stunt car drivers and there is often a need to have shots of the driver from afar looking similar to the female lead.

  • The first step would be to sign up at a reputable stunt driving school. There are many, and some are more renowned than others. These classes will teach you the techniques required to become a stunt driver, it also gives you the advantage of having access to vehicles and training space you otherwise would not have access to.
  • The next step would be to find a reputable agent that can help you seek out work as a Stunt Car driver but also find you work as an extra in movies. This is important because even though it is not the exact line of work you are after, it allows you to make contacts in the industry, which will serve you well down the road.
  • You would do well to register with the Professional Driving Association, the PDA for short. As with most unions and organizations, you will need to pay due and attend meetings. The plus here is you can access job postings that come in through the PDA itself.
  • Diversify your skills. As with most jobs, those who can do more tasks are more sought after and can command a higher wage. In the field of stunt car driving diversification would mean driving at high speeds, being able to drive different types of vehicles, as well as be able to perform a number of the common tricks and techniques people see in movies; drifting, driving backward, taking sharp corners, etc.
  • Put together a resume outlining your training, experience, and goals. Send this resume to as many producers and job postings as you can. The first couple of jobs may be difficult to get, but if you do them well and are reliable, more work should start finding its way to you.

As you can see, the basic steps to becoming a stunt car driver are fairly basic and should not surprise anyone. That being said, it is considered a difficult industry to break into, so perseverance is a key to any prospective stunt car driver. You may even have to have a second job, as only 5% of stunt car drivers are employed at any given time.