If you look at any Subaru model, be it the latest 2019 year model, or a bit older, what you will find in common is a design that has a symmetry followed everywhere inside and out of the vehicles. The same concept can be observed in the entire making of the car, be it mechanical, structural or functional. But to put it together, Subaru does it all to attain the best driving skills under the hood of every car they release on the road.

To know it more in detail, we asked the experts of the Kearny Mesa Subaru dealer about the story of engineering that works behind the built of every Subaru car, and here is what we learned from them.

Designed with Double Wishbone

If you have driven any Subaru vehicle, then its smooth responsiveness must have impressed you at every turn you took, and the credit that should go to achieve this is the use of a double wishbone design. This design implemented on the rear suspension tames the harshest challenges that the road surfaces can throw at any vehicle.

Strong Structure of the Body

The backbone of any car that is known for strength and reliability is rooted in its body structure, that needs a lot of advanced engineering sense. The Subaru models in this regard are one of the best examples of how a car structure can be rigid in its strength and yet become flexible in its maneuverability, when faced with rough road challenges. To be precise enough, each Subaru model is made of a high-strength unibody that provides them a crashworthiness that can be considered as industry-leading. With the help of this structure the Subaru vehicles can move on a solid base especially that is uniquely made for the suspension, to offer every Subaru rider a driving experience that is calm and quiet, responsive and secure.

Subaru Boxer Engine

No car can earn a goodwill from its people without an impressive engine that will make all its mechanisms work with excellence by providing them the required power. The Subaru Boxer engine that is laid in a horizontal layout perfectly balance power with ultimate efficiency and this engine is seated at the heart of every Subaru vehicle you come across.

Elastic Options of Transmission

At a famous Subaru dealer near me, we were explained that to ensure that every vehicle is capable of delivering high performance but needs low maintenance, Subaru has kept variable options of transmissions that perfectly fits in the body of any model to attain excellent fuel efficiency without compromising the performance. While there are options to choose a vehicle with fully synchronized the 5- or 6-speed gears of manual transmissions that trigger exciting acceleration, you also get the option to drive with 6-speed automatic transmissions that are known for easy driving. But to enhance their maneuverability and add the driving thrill, they are run with the technology of Manual Shift Mode that ensures the movement of the car stay brilliantly efficient.