The well-known Kia Sorento boasts its distinctive, easily recognizable look. As the proud and lucky owner of such a vehicle, you can further personalize it with choice seat covers. a set of stylish seat covers, custom made for that snuggle fit instantly transform your interior. The Kia Sorento’s interior is refined, and spacious, with plenty of room for kids, passengers, pets and even groceries!

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Why Install Seat Covers?

If your original seats are damaged from tough stains, faded due to natural elements or accidentally scratched, replacing them is indeed costly. Under a tight budget, you can use seat covers to hide the damages temporarily as you weigh your financial options. Quite handy, don’t you think?

Or perhaps your seats are still in great shape, but you’d rather maintain them that way. Seat covers will bear the grunt of anything thrown at them leaving the original upholstery untouched. The SUV’s resale value is boosted, considering it’ll still be as close as new.

At Saddleman, we have the top choice for your Kia Sorento; Neoprene Seat Covers, Leatherette Seat Covers and Camo Seat covers. These also come in a wide array of colours. These superb fabrics protect your seats from both natural and accidental wear. Protected seats save you a lot in cleaning costs as well as raising resale value. Protect the interior of your SUV with a stylistic Kia Sorento seat covers upgrade. Custom-fit to slide into place and of choice colour to express your personality, bold or neutral.

  • Neoprene Seat Covers

Neoprene material has a wide array of uses, from creating water sporting equipment to advance military tactical equipment. The versatile Neoprene fabric is quite popular with most of our customers as well. Primarily because neoprene seat covers are soft yet durable, 100% waterproof and very form-fitting. Neoprene seat covers are ideal for those water sports enthusiasts and often participate in aquatic activities.

  • Leatherette seat covers

Quite the popular accessory among interior conservationists Kia owners, leatherette seat covers protect the interior upholstery’s original design. Made for comfort, visual aesthetics, and durability, leatherette covers are resistant to damage. Moreover, they are breathable and resist mildew and mould growth. It is cheap to install and very easy to clean. Coming in a variety of colours these seat covers are also resistant to water and UV resistant.

  • Camo Seat Covers

Another one of Kia Sorento owners favourite choice fabrics is camouflage. Camo seat covers are composed of repeating units creating amazing patterns. A set of camo seat covers will help you blend in right well with nature. The camo is ideal for the great outdoorsy individual who favours the rough terrain and massive jungles of the off-road.


At Saddleman, there is always something for everyone, with our wide range of Kia Sorento seat covers. from luxurious leatherette to versatile neoprene and even camo print. Let your imagination run wild with colour selection, from neutral shades to bolder and more vibrant tones. We stock the best quality accessories for your Kia Sorento model. Whatever the fabric and/or colour you desire you’ll find it here.