Selecting a car cover for your truck, van, SUV, or passenger car is a matter of finding one that fits your car and going with that one, right? Well, there is a lot more to it than simply purchasing a car cover. Size does matter, but so do quality, durability, and price. Let’s examine some of the fundamentals in selecting a car cover for vehicle.Car covers — or weather covers as some prefer to call them — have been successfully covering vehicles for several generations now thanks to the ingenious and persistent work of designers who properly measure each new model to make sure that every cover is custom fitted. One of the first companies to get started in the business was Cover craft, founded in 1965 in Southern California. Cover craft, like so many American success stories, was a two man operation that outfitted car covers for street rods, import makes including Porsche, and for the aftermarket supply network. There are other brands on the market; however Cover craft is dominant and favored by automobile wholesalers such as the Auto Parts Warehouse.When selecting your car cover, you will learn that a manufacturer can make several different car covers for one model. Basic covers offer limited protection from such hazards as bird excrement and flying debris while premium car covers offer extensive protection from the following:

Harmful and penetrating solar rays.Moisture, including rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice.Flying debris and/or small impacts to the vehicle’s body: dings, scratches.Pollution, dirt, and dust.Bird excrement, tree sap, etc.The top of the line car covers typically come with mirror pockets to give your vehicle the best fit. Most car covers are generally made of 1, 2, 3, or 4 layers of durable polypropylene [a thermoplastic polymer that is highly resistant to acid and chemical solvents]; more layers mean better protection for your vehicle from the above mentioned hazards.So, aren’t weather covers for people who park their vehicles outside, hence the name? No, garaged vehicles are also subject to pollution and dirt; if you are interested in keeping your car looking showroom new than a car cover makes perfect sense.Prices can range from approximately $45 to just over $200 for a top of the line model. You can save money by purchasing from an online wholesaler who will obtain the car cover directly from the manufacturer, bypassing the middleman. Most car covers come with a warranty and should give your car years of protection for a small amount of money.

Car Cover Prices

However, regardless of the price of the product, it would cost far less to buy a car cover rather than paying for a new paint job.

Factors that determine the cost:

Factor that will determine how much a car cover will cost is how heavy and durable the material is. The heavy duty materials will generally cost you more money than the light ones. However, they will protect your car better, as well as have a longer life span than the less expensive products.Another major factor that can determine the price of a car cover is the fit of the cover on the car.


The least expensive car cover will cost you less than $50. Even though this will provide you adequate protection, it is not as durable as the ones that are heavy-duty.They are soft, yet provide superior protection and have a much longer lifespan than the inexpensive products. The ready-fit covers of this brand will generally cost you a little over $100, with the custom made products costing $150 to $200.This material is exceptionally strong, as well as longer lasting, and gives your car superior protection from sun damage. The ready fit products made from this material can cost as much as $200, with the custom fit products costing over $250.

Summer Shop for Car Covers

Summer is a delightful season and can be enjoyed by one and all, provided they are fully equipped to cope and deal with the sun’s heat. The sun’s rays are extremely powerful. This is largely due to global warming and the ozone layer thinning. The result is that ultra violet rays are pouring down on us in full force. This is not necessarily healthy.When a car is left standing in the heat, the interior of the vehicle gets overheated. Ultra violet rays will also melt away the finish of the car, and fade the paintwork. Within no time at all the car will turn totally colorless, and will look like a real weather beaten tin on wheels.Together with the hot climate, comes along our feathered friends. These bird dropping stains, as well as tree sap, are extremely difficult to completely remove. It requires extensive and expensive cleaning.

Dust is also high at this time of year. This is an enormous time waster.It is composed of acrylic fibers. Its manufacturer, Cover craft, weaves the cover in a unique way that ensures that it is naturally resistant to ultra violet rays. In case of the occasional spring showers, the Umbrella car cover is water resistant too. This is at a much lower degree than it has resistance to the sun, but suffices enough to keep your car dry throughout the summer.Umbrella car covers are extremely stylish with their choice of five colors; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast. These are handsome colors that will give your car pride like nothing else. In addition, the colour will not fade with time as the acrylic fibers are dyed even before it is woven. Thus the colour is completely embedded in the material, not just on the surface.

Why Car Covers Are So Vital

When trying to figure out which car to buy, people do a tremendous amount of investigation. They do not want to make the wrong decision, since they know it is an asset they will have long term. People buy cars based on reviews they read about the cars. They also base their decision on whether it is a classy looking car and if it is comfortable.Buying a brand new car is a great feeling. It is awesome to be the first one to be driving a vehicle. When you are the first owner, you know that each mile that our was placed on the speedometer was done by none other than you or your own family member.The problem about buying a brand new car is the fear that it will not look the same as when you bought it. It is not the same as buying a car a couple of years old. Although some second hand cars are kept in excellent condition, it will never be like new. You can only make a decision and proper judgment based on what you are told.

The way to make sure that your brand new car will look the same a few years down the line as when you first purchased it, is to invest in a good quality car cover. Car covers are not expensive but can save you so much money on fixing up unnecessary wear and tear. This is because people spend so much money and their cars really need a good protector. Just like a jeweler gives a nice box when purchasing a piece of jewelry from them, a car dealer should give a cover together with the vehicle in order that it should receive the protection it needs.