Apollo Tyres is one of the world’s most renowned tyre manufacturers. It was founded in the year 1972 and since then it has grown immensely. It features in top 10 best tyre manufacturers. They offer a wide range of premium tyres which offer great handling and superior control. One such series of high-quality tyres is the Apollo’s 4G series. Let’s take a glance at Apollo 4G series tyres and their salient features.

Apollo 4G Alnac: These are high-quality tyres which provide extreme comfort and a memorable driving experience. These are specially designed to provide outstanding control and handling while cornering.

  • Wide circumferential grooves provide a firm grip on a wet surface.
  • Tyre tread with wide outer shoulder ensures superior handling on dry roads as well.
  • These are extremely lightweight, which lowers fuel consumption.
  • Offers low rolling resistance
  • Stiff centre ribs provide perfect steering precision on highways.
  • Due to exceptional steering control, these tyres enhance safety while driving at high speed on highways.
  • These are available in 21 different rim sizes.

Apollo 4G Aspire:  These tyres are known for their enhanced safety as they provide superior handling and stability.

  • Rubber compound contains a high proportion of silica which provides a firm grip on a wet and dry surface.
  • Low noise tyre throughout its life cycle.
  • Unique tread patterns ensure comfort while riding.
  • Improved high-speed braking.
  • Available in 15 different rim sizes.

Apollo Amazer 4G Life: The most recent addition in the Apollo 4G series is Amazer 4G life. It’s a premium tyre which comes with extended life and the company claims that they can run till 1,00,000 km.

  • These are highly resistant to puncture as they have 6 layers of robust construction.
  • This construction makes it extremely difficult for the needle to pierce through the tyre.
  • Made with Apollo turtle tread compound which makes it extremely long-lasting.
  • These tyres have a firm grip for all sorts of surfaces.
  • Much improved and enhanced braking which minimises the stopping distance.
  • Good shock absorption capacity.

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