Every car wrap is unique and different, right from the shape of the cars body to the material it has been manufactured from. In order to get a successful installation, it is essential that you choose a crap wrap product which meets the requirement of the project you are attending to. The higher is the level of the customization of the car design, the harder is the car wrap procedure. In several cases, you may be forced to lower your design to meet with the shortcomings of the product. But, there will be no compromising when you pick the right product for the car. If you are in Edmonton, then below here are some tips to help you select the right car wrap Edmonton to avoid facing any challenges.

1.Tough to bond surfaces

Tough to bond surfaces like ATVs, dirt bikes, motocross and snowmobile are some of the vehicles which should be long-lasting and light. It means they have to be made with enhanced coatings and materials which may be a challenge to be wrapped. Such tasks calls for a vinyl wrap which can easily stick to low surface energy plastics as well paint coats. There are specific 3M print wraps which are available for it. They come with permanent adhesive and hence prove to be a great choice for such hard to play vehicles.

In the same way, graphic applied to the cars manufactured with stainless steel such as trucks etc. need a specialty adhesive to make sure that the car wrap doesn’t fail. They are firm enough to withstand the grime, dust and salt these vehicles may be exposed to in their daily commuting.

2.Layered and intricate designs

Impactful designs need more thought, higher patience and better installation abilities. They also involve the use of right products. Sometimes a single film may not be able to provide you the dimension you need.

If you are looking for dimension and detail, then you should go for installation of multiple layers of films. No matter you want a solid colour based film or a printed base with print wrap, you can go for multiple layers. You can either add a printed car wrap along with a transparent wrap film to enhance the car wrap design. The layered design brings more of a statement and look to your car.

3.Metallic finishes

You may have got inspired by metallic finishes a number of times, but if you have failed to get them handy with a vinyl wrap then don’t worry! Unluckily, not all graphic films can manage with metallic effects. There are printable wraps which bring a wow factor to your car and give you the perfect metallic finish you demand. You can get an attention grabbing finish for your car.

So, if you are looking for the best car wrap Edmonton service here, then you should approach First Detailing Canada to get the best service. Book an appointment today to know more about it in detail.