One of the most significant advancements that took the automotive industry to the next level is the introduction of automatic transmission in vehicles. With more and more speed variants added to this segment, today the automatic transmissions have revolutionized the mechanisms of a vehicle, as well as driving experience. Today, even a novice driver can drive with confidence, since, the effort of changing gears according to the different drive situations have been unloaded.

It has also changed the way of servicing transmissions. Rather it can be said, that if your car is equipped with automatic transmission, it automatically reduces the frequency of your visit to the repair centers, since an automatic transmission needs little maintenance. But it will be a grave mistake to think, an automatic transmission can never be in need of professional assistance, reminded the repair experts of the North Houston auto repair center.

So here’s a brief on what kind of servicing and repair work the automatic transmissions will require.

How it Works

The automatic transmission has the most complex mechanisms among all other kinds of transmissions that are used in vehicles. To function properly each and every type of automatic transmissions will require a specific kind of fluid at a certain amount. Thus maintaining this specific transmission fluid level is the key to a successful run of this particular engine component. This fluid is specially formulated with multi-functional abilities like transmitting the engine power to the configured wheels, to operate with the hydraulic systems of the vehicle, and of course keep all the other related parts lubricated in order to make them work together without slightest of friction.

This new type of transmission fluid also contributes in maintaining the seals by keeping them softer, and even act as coolants, by regulating the temperature in the engine zone. It is to make all these parts stay healthy and efficient, that this certain level of this transmission fluid needs to be maintained. Few manufacturers also recommend it to get replaced in regular intervals depending upon the vehicle model and engine capacity it is consisted with.

Signs of Damage

Though the latest automatic transmission fluids are meant and precisely formulated to last lifelong, and are structured with high end effective designs, the fluids that are used in these transmissions can get contaminated if they are filled with the wrong type. This fluid imperfection can therefore start affecting the quality of gear shift, leading to the reduction of overall lifespan of the transmission as well.

If the automatic transmission is damaged for some reason, the effect can be seen during the gear shifts which will not function automatically every time according to the drive conditions.

Actions to be Taken

When we asked about the maintenance tactics of dealing with automatic transmissions, the mechanics and technicians handling the auto repair North Houston section suggested few things.

One needs to make sure choosing the transmission fluid of the exact specifications as suggested by the manufacturer. It will be referred in the owner’s manual and must be checked out carefully while topping up or during the replacement of the transmission fluid.