A car seat is not just to provide a luxury look to the car instead it acts as one of the safety unit to anyone that it holds. It is one’s responsibility to pick a perfect car seat to suit the needs of the car owner. If you are planning to buy a car seat, checkout best convertible car seat for travel to choose a brand that suits your travel needs.

There are different types of car seats available in the market that provides various uses upon its usage. They are as follows,

  • Car seats for infants

This type of car seat is specially made for infants and babies up to 2 years of age. This age restriction is because the seats are designed to hold only few pounds of the baby weight and has the maximum weight limit for each type of seats. If your baby tends to gain weight more faster, check with the limit allowed by the seat and if it doesn’t fit, it is time to change over to the next size or type of the seat. The seats are generally fixed at the back that is facing the rear side. You may even opt to make it face the front side too. But experts say that the seat facing to the rear side is more safer.

  • Convertible car seats for kids

This type of car seats fit children from infant stage to many years of age depending on the weight and size it can accommodate. This type would be worth the money spent on it as it can be used for longer period of time than an infant car seats. As it is convertible, it provides more flexibility to change the position of it from rear to front or vice versa. The main disadvantage of having a convertible seat is that you cannot separate it from the fixed place and use it in another car.

  • Booster car seats

This type of seats is generally suitable for kids who weigh more than 30 pounds but not much greater. Only possible way to put the kid with this seat is in front facing direction. Similar to convertible car seats, this seat can also be used for years until the kid no more needs a seat and is just okay to go with regular seatbelt.

It is always better to take your child along with you to buy the specific car seat as it would not cause further issues with the size or type of the model. Checkout best convertible car seat for travel to choose the perfect brand of seat for your kid to cope up with all the travel needs of the family without taking much stress.