It’s time of the year again for the annual Geneva motor show. Every year manufacturer from around the world gather to Geneva to show off their latest upcoming model and concepts. This is where they can show what they have been cooking up to behind the scenes, from your average budget cars to hyper sports cars costing millions, all can be found here.

It’s one of the most important events for automotive culture, big brands gather like VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes just a few to name around. There is a new kid on the block Aiways, a Chinese startup manufacturer that attending Geneva show for the first time. They showed up with their new all new electric SUV named U5. It’s made to compete in electric/hybrid SUV crossover market, which beginning to flood with new models, Ford ‘s new Mustang Mach- E is also there. Audi E-Tron will also be appearing, it was highly anticipated with their aggressive marketing strategies, we would love to put their claims to the test and really see how it compares in real world and its competition.

If your bored of the regular roadsters and convertibles, Aston Martin has a spicy new announcement for you. Their in the making of a Vantage Roadster, it’s said that their car won’t be faster then the competition, but Aston Martin is to make a statement with its luxurious wooden steering wheel and the rest of the interior. It won’t be lacking in power, when you step on the pedal with Mercedes 4-liter V8 AMG motor.

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Fiat also wants a piece of the pie in all-electric market with their iconic Fiat 500 model which will be available from next year in all electric drive. This year we can see a trend in electric category, many brands want to jump on the hype train to sell as much of units as possible. Will see how the competitive the market is when these vehicles finally come out.