Australia has shown great progress in every field in the past few years. It has emerged as a very significant power in whichever field one can name. Information technology, economics, accounting, technology, agriculture and space sciences, etc. ate some of the few fields in the list of areas it has shown immense development in. and it is striving very hard to be at the very top. This process of development and progress needs talented and skilled manpower. This big and regular demand of manpower cannot be fulfilled by the people in Australia only. This high demand for skills and talents also needs to invite people from overseas who satisfy the criteria for the required work. This step can multiply the workforce which will ultimately help in the development of the country.

But why a talented and skilled worker should move to Australia? The answer to this question can become evident through the following points:

  • One always wants to work and live in a place where his or her skills are appreciated. Australian development programs are huge and they require skilled people this is why Australia wants and appreciates skilled people who can perform a job with required skill sets
  • Australia is a country that offers every modern amenity to its people. If you are looking for modern lifestyle, good education, better health care facilities and a peaceful environment then Australia can be the right place for you
  • There are many extremely talented people on this planet whose talent got wasted because they don’t get a suitable opportunity at the right time. Australia being one of the major contributor to world’s economy always has thousands to openings and employment chances that are not available anywhere else in this abundance
  • Australia is also a very secure and safe place to live. Its common human nature that a person performs his or her best in a place where he or she feels safe. Australia can provide you with this safe environment and friendly society as its crime rate is very low and its diverse culture makes it a very amicable place.

Hopefully, these facts can deliver that how moving to Australia can be a very good option for skilled people.

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Which is the most famous skilled visa in Australia?

Every year a lot of skilled people try to migrate to Australia for a better life and work opportunities. The Australian immigration system has many visas for skilled people to come and work in Australia. One of the most important visas in this category is an independent skilled visa subclass 189.

This visa allows a person to come and live in Australia permanently. One needs no nomination and sponsorship for this visa. On this visa, the holder can live and work in Australia indefinitely.

What are the conditions to apply for this visa?

Following are the conditions to be fulfilled for this visa:

  • One must get invited to apply for this visa
  • The applicant’s age should be less than 45 years
  • Should belong to the occupation listed in the relevant occupational list
  • The applicant should be English competent
  • Must satisfy all health and character requirements

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