It is quite understandable to wonder what a wrecking yard would pay for your old unwanted scrap car. It is important to note that they retain value for salvageable parts and recycled materials like metal. When you choose to get rid of your car using the car removal service, you can first get a quote and have it taken away free of charge. Quick Car Removal will pay instant cash up to $9,999 for your scrap car, regardless of the model and obtaining the Quote is as easy as a phone call. You can determine the value of your scrap car by following aspects.

Scrap Metal Price in Melbourne

Keep in mind that the metals in your car are of some worth. Even if your car is damaged beyond repair, the metal will still hold some value. First and foremost, the expert technicians at the car removal services will strip the car and then crush the shell, stacking them up in their wrecking yard. The metal is then sold on the basis of their weight value. The metals are then meticulously melted down by the smelters. The process here is environmentally friendly and sound, and helps to save our natural resources. Further, this process is much more productive than making metal from the scratch.

Salvageable Parts

If your car has become worthless for you, it might be difficult to determine the value for you. However, an expert auto technician can analyse and evaluate its worth as they can segregate different salvageable parts of the car and sell it to their customers to fix their cars. Even though your car has been in an accident, the technician can still identify usable parts. Hence, that is why no car is worthless to a decent car removal company and you can get instant cash off any car.

Be Eco-Friendly

Using the services by car removal company seems quite easy right? Well it is as easier to do your bit for the environment. Selling your scrap car to a car removal company not only gets you top dollars, but also helps save the environment. Rather than letting up in the landfills, which will be detrimental to the environment, you can have majority of parts and materials of your wrecked car reused and recycled.

To find out the true worth of your car, contact Quick Car Removal at 0481 332 220 and get a quote.