With a few simple upgrades, you can help to keep your car in top performance.

Prestige Car Removal offers the following suggestions.

Battery – The battery is an important component of the car as without it; the engine won’t run. If possible, wrap an insulation blanket around the battery. By wrapping the battery, you will help the battery to stay cooler during the hot months and warmer during the colder weather. Thus, prolonging the life of the battery and helping the car to perform better.

Spark Plugs – While the spark plugs don’t sound like something that is vital to the car, they have an impact on its engine as without them the car will not run smoothly. Be sure to replace them per the manufacturer’s recommended intervals, and more often when necessary. Be certain that you have a copy of your owner’s manual and read it for all recommendations as to the type, how often to replace, etc.

Air Filters – By replacing your air filters regularly you keep the air within the car cleaner and healthier, and you help the car’s performance. Typically, air filters should be changed once a year or about every 112K miles, or as the manufacturer of the car recommends through its owner’s manual. Replacing air filters is not difficult and will help cars to get better mileage and help to lengthen the life of the engine. Your owner’s manual will have plenty of information on the air filters of the car, including when and how to change the filters.

Keeping your car in top performance requires regular service checks and maintenance. It is suggested for all car owners to read their owner’s manuals for their cars from cover to cover. Reading the owner’s manual for the car is familiarizing yourself with the car, and learning what needs attention and service and when. It is also necessary to pay attention to what needs to be serviced when, such as oil change intervals.

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