Purchasing a used car can be a gamble and you will never know the true condition of it: whether it has been in an accident before, how long it can last before it starts to show wear and tear, and even the occurrence of breakdowns happening before the previous owner decides to get rid of it.

  • Viewing the vehicle
  • Sending it to a workshop
  • Warranty period

Viewing the vehicle

After shortlisting some vehicles on the Internet, it is time to head down to the dealer to have a physical look at the car. Note if there are any parts falling off, any uneven paint (signs of respraying), etc. The variety of used cars in Plymouth can be a staggering amount: take your time to view and pick those that are within your budget.

Sending it to a workshop

After you have chosen a car of your choice, negotiate with the dealer on whether you are able to send the car to a reputable workshop for an internal inspection. You may have to place a deposit at this stage in order to do that.

Warranty period

Before purchasing the car, inquire about the warranty period offered on the car. This will provide you a peace of mind, ensuring that all defects are resolved without you paying for it. It is expected that used cars have wear and tear issues, so do not expect a long period of warranty offered.

There have been cases of owners purchasing cars that are not in a satisfactory condition, but yet, they were passed off as being roadworthy. Being new to the used car market, one should approach a reputable dealer for assurance.